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3-Tank Spearfishing Offshore We will charter you to destinations known to be prolific in species of fish that you are looking to hunt. It may be a ledge, a wreck or a combination of the two. One of the best things about North Carolina waters are that we have virtually every species of fish that you would want to harvest; grouper, snapper, pompano,... Find Out More

2-Tank Offshore Diving Charter We have many offshore dive options for the advanced diver looking to dive offshore . There are natural ledge contours, artificial reefs as well as War Casualty wrecks available to dive in depths ranging from 85 to 125 feet.  We have Steam Ships, wooden craft, and sub marines dated as far back as World War I! Water... Find Out More

Megalodon 3-tank Fossil Dive Charter We take you to the fossil beds in the hunt for megalodon teeth as well as other prehistoric fossils. Find Out More

Lionfish 3-tank Dive Charter Lionfish Champions Compete 3 Tank Find Out More

3 Tank Shark Dive Find Out More

2 Tank Inshore Find Out More